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The Poetic Imagination and The Natural Dream

  “You must give birth to your images. They are the future waiting to be born. Fear not the strangeness you feel. The future must enter you long before it happens. Just wait for the birth, for the the hour of the new clarity.”-- Rainer Maria Rilke Everyone...
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The Dreaming I: A Natural Dreamwork Journal

Discover The Dreaming I: A Natural Dreamwork Journal
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Join us…

Join the growing number of dreamers interested in Natural Dreamwork
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March Invitation into Your Dreams

"...I'm on the edge of something."
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February Invitation into Your Dreams

love letters from the soul...
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Leaning, Dancing, Stumbling

"I dreamt of running outside with a loved one towards a circle of boys dancing..."
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Elements of Natural Dreamwork Webclass Begins January 17 2019

An online class in Elements of Natural Dreamwork will open your eyes to a whole new of feeling your dreams.
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all our dreams…

What if there are not just two threshold moments in our life…birth and death? ....
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Shift Network Interview with Rodger Kamenetz

Dreams & The Sacred Encounter: The Shift Network Interview with Rodger Kamenetz
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Dreaming As A Contemplative Path

"He wants us to write about whom we love", the teen girl said...
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Interview with Keren Vishny on Natural Dreamwork

  INTERVIEW WITH JAY STONE OF INFINITY FOUNDATION ON NATURAL DREAMWORK KEREN VISHNY, M.D At the core of my practice is the understanding that healing and growth require attention to both Body and Soul. I am certified in Mind-Body Medicine and Zero-Balancing and...

a single bed…

As a Natural Dreamwork Practitioner my work includes being a hospice volunteer, being with the dreams of hospice patients, their families, and after the death, for those in grief groups. Even if we haven’t given much attention to our dreams, an impending death, our...

6 Canons of Dreamwork

6 Canons of Dreamwork by Laura Smith Dreams have long been lauded as sources of divination, and sadly, in more recent time, by some as detritus resulting from the human mind performing a ritual house cleaning. But for those who pay attention to our dreams, we...

the burden of choice…

  “We are always deceiving ourselves when we say we do not know what to do about this or that.   Somewhere we know quite well, but we do not want to do it." -Barbara Hannah from “Active Imagination” How often in life have any of us held our hands up in...