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The Dreaming I: A Natural Dreamwork Journal

Discover The Dreaming I: A Natural Dreamwork Journal
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February Invitation into Your Dreams

love letters from the soul...
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Leaning, Dancing, Stumbling

"I dreamt of running outside with a loved one towards a circle of boys dancing..."
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Elements of Natural Dreamwork Webclass Begins January 17 2019

An online class in Elements of Natural Dreamwork will open your eyes to a whole new of feeling your dreams.
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all our dreams…

What if there are not just two threshold moments in our life…birth and death? ....
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Shift Network Interview with Rodger Kamenetz

Dreams & The Sacred Encounter: The Shift Network Interview with Rodger Kamenetz
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Dreaming As A Contemplative Path

"He wants us to write about whom we love", the teen girl said...
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December Invitation into Your Dreams

"the gift of becoming our true selves...
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Why We Dream

"a question to answer for ourselves...why we dream"
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oxen time…

" quickly I can climb into my vehicle of “supposed to, have to, need to, get ‘er done”
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